Saturday, May 28, 2011

Houndoom vs Arbok(Results)

This is a tough one. So I'm walking myself through it.

Situation #1 Victor: Well, lets see. The way I see it, the first thing that happens is Arbok trying to get up close to Houndoom. Houndoom meanwhile is blasting fire at Arbok. Arbok is in trouble right off the start. However, if Arbok can get past Houndoom's flamethrowing, Arbok then has the advantage. Because up close, Arbok has size, strength, and venom advantages. Houndoom isn't quite as imposing up close.
So, the way I see it(and correct me if I'm wrong), there is a 55/45 chance of Arbok getting up close to Houndoom. Therefore giving Arbok the win here. Albeit a slight one.

Winner: Arbok

Situation #2 Victor: This one is quite a bit simpler. First off, as far as I know, there is no limit(battle-wise) to how long Charizard can remain in the air. Therefore knocking Arbok of his winner's seat. Houndoom can still blast fire at range at Charizard. However, Charizard's flight and speed give him too much of an advantage against Houndoom.

Winner: Charizard

Hope you enjoyed this "episode" of Versus. See ya next time. Remember to leave comments!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Houndoom vs Arbok



Having a bit of Pokemon nostalgia here. Wanted a poke-versus. So I chose two of my three favorite pokemon to have a versus match.

Situation #1: Both pokemon enter a clearing in a forest at opposite ends. This is NOT a trainer battle. The is a wild encounter between two fully grown male pokemon. So, who wins?

Situation #2: Hell, lets throw my other favorite pokemon into the fray. Charizard!!! ( Same as above. Who wins?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Jackson vs Hammer (Results)

Well, after a long time (and no comments! shame!) I've come to a conclusion. While both MC Hammer and Michael Jackson are incredible dancers, Michael Jackson is the superior. Having both extreme natural talent AND hours of practice. Jackson reigns supreme this day!
P.S. Sorry if this seems rushed. I'm in a hurry. Peace out!