Monday, November 29, 2010

Orc vs Nord



I recently got Oblivion so I've been wanting to do an Oblivion themed versus for a while now. Now to have the two "big boys" of Oblivion fight it out.

Situation #1: One Orc vs one Nord in unarmed hand to hand combat. Brutal! This fight takes place in an Arena.

Situation #2: An army vs army scenario. The Orc army wearing orcish armor of course. And wielding primarily war hammers, axes, some swords, maces, etc. You know, orc weapons. And the Nord army wearing stuff like fur, leather, chain mail, etc. Whatever Nords like to wear into battle. And I think the Nords should be wielding primarily axes, swords(more than the orcs), hammers(not as much as the orcs), etc. Both sides have archers as well. They also have horsemen. Not many though. This battle takes place somewhere in the mountains. As I think that is wear both races are suited to.

Situation #3: Same as sit #1 except that the one orc has orcish armor and an iron warhammer. And the Nord has Fur armor and an iron battle axe.

I think that's it for now. I'll check bach in a couple days to see what you guys have come up with. Chow!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey all! Hope ya had a great thanksgiving day. I did. Lets see, now for some thanksgiving stuff.

Very Short Story: Well, my parents and some other relatives were going to someones house for thanksgiving and the hostess decided that she didn't feel like cooking a thanksgiving meal so she made spaghetti instead. Spaghetti for thanksgiving. Ugh!

Thanksgiving Day Versus: Umm... lets see. Pumpkin Pie vs Sweet potato Pie. It all comes down to opinion on this one. Mine is Sweet Potato Pie. What's yours?

Until next time ya'll. Happy Holidays!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Scorpion Tank vs.... Scorpion Tank?(Results)

Situation #1 winner:

Maneuverability: Draw. The three tread design while odd looking gives the C&C Scorpion great maneuverability for a tank. However, the C&C Tank has to be facing it's opponent due to the fact that it's cannon is fixed forward. Whereas the Halo Tank's gun can rotate 360 degrees.

Firepower: C&C Scorpion. The Halo Scorpion has a 90mm cannon while the C&C tank has a 150mm cannon.

Accuracy: Draw.

Armor: While both are reasonably armored, the C&C Tank has much more armor that the Halo Tank. However, the C&C's armor design, while greatly armoring the front of the tank, leaves the back almost completely exposed. But it's maneuverability makes up for it a little.

Speed: Draw.

Winner: This is a tough one to call but, I'd have to say that the... C&C Scorpion Tank takes this. Unless the Halo Scorpion comes up behind the C&C Tank inside the city, then it is a screwed tank. The C&C Tank's armor and maneuverability together give it the win here.

Situation #2 winner: Same. The upgrades for the C&C Scorpion make it all the easier for it to take the win. The only downfall being that the new laser cannon would slightly hinder it's maneuverability.

Until next time, Hasta La Vista Baby!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Scorpion Tank vs.... Scorpion Tank?

No, this is not an error.

Halo Scorpion Tank:

C&C Scorpion Tank:

I thought this would be a fun match.

Situation #1: Both tanks face off in Baghdad Iraq. This is the basic version of the C&C scorpion(without upgrades and stuff).

Situation #2: Same as sit #1 except this IS the fully upgraded version of the C&C scorpion.

Which Tank blows the crap out of the other?

More stuff

Okay, so... I've been feelin' like kind of a jerk here. Being the only voice that decides who wins or loses here. I was thinkin' about getting a couple other guys to help me judge. Like a team. What do you guys think? I have some people that I know personally that might be interested. Again, just an idea. Well now I'll get started on the next match up.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

BFG10k(Q2) vs BFG9000(Doom)(Results)

Ok. This one was pretty easy to judge. In fact, I think it's actually been proven before.

Winner: BFG10k

The BFG10k is the winner due to being equal or superior in every category to the BFG9000. DOOM may be the grand daddy of the BFG. But the BFG10k is it's heir, so to speak.

Next post to be tomorrow, hopefully.

Friday, November 5, 2010

BFG10k(Q2) vs BFG9000(Doom)

The BFG10k:

The BFG9000:

Which is the better freakin' gun? Power, accuracy, collateral damage, etc.
The battle of the BFGs! Which gun will reign supreme?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

HECU Marines vs The Combine(Results)

I've been gone for a bit due to a move from Al to GA and it took a while to get the Net up and running. But that's all behind me now. I hope. Anyhoo, back to business.

Situation #1 Winner: HECU Marines. The way I see it, Adrian Shephard is on par with Gordon Freeman. And The HECU Marines are even better than the rebs from half life 2. So if, so far, the actual characters from half life are the Victors against the Combine, then I see the Marines takin' the Victory here.

Situation #2 Winner: Same as Sit #1. Adding the Black Ops just makes it easier for the marines and Shephard.

If there is anything I missed or you just plain disagree, post a comment to let me know or send me an e-mail at

Until next time.