Monday, September 27, 2010

Jason Bourne vs Mr. Smith

Jason Bourne:

Mr. Smith: I couldn't find a wiki site so I'll just post a photo and some fight scenes.

Situation: Both Bourne and Mr. Smith have been hired to kill the other. They are in Las Vegas. Who will be the last man standing?

P.S. This is the Jason Bourne from the movies.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

And the Winner is...

This has been a hard one to call. I've gone back and forth several times. But I have finally reached a conclusion.

Maneuverability: This one has got to go to the Warthog. However, the Pitbull is pretty maneuverable for its build and size. But still, Warthog has the advantage here.

Firepower: Both vehicle's missiles and rockets do about the same damage. The Warthog may do a little more but it's to close to give an advantage in this category.

Accuracy: This one is a no-brainer. While the Warthog's rockets detach fast and easy from it's gun, the Pitbull's missiles are heat seeking. So they will almost never miss.

Armor: Obviously, the Wartog's strength is in it's speed and maneuverability. Not it's armor. The Pitbull however, has a decent amount of armor for it's class. So the advantage goes to the Pitbull here.

Speed: The Warthog is definitely faster than the Pitbull. But again, the Pitbull isn't trailing behing the Warthog by far.

My final verdict is: The Warthog, while able to maneuver around the Pitbull, isn't able to land enough shots on the Pitbull. The Pitbull however is able to land multiple shots on the warthog. The Pitbull's armor protects it from the few shots that it doesn't dodge. While the Warthog really has no protection against the Pitbull's missiles.

Winner: Pitbull(but actually, this was a close match for me)

Agree? Disagree? Say so in the comments. I will post my next match up soon.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Match up #1

My very first match up is between:

The Pitbull:!Pitbull.jpg

and the Rocket Warthog:

Which is the superior vehicle? Which one would win in a fight.

Now, I will admit to being somewhat of a Halo fanboy. But, honestly, if I had to pick a winner now, I'd choose the pitbull. Well, debate people.

Rules of the Game

Welcome to Media Versus! Here I will post combatants from popular media(Video games, Movie, Comics, etc.) For you viewers to decide the victor. Here's how it works.
I will post an image(sometimes) and the wiki site of each combatant. In the comments, you guys will debate on who would come out the victor. I will listen to all comments unbiased and open-minded. After listening to enough debating I will post the winner. I will usually explain my choice. You can ask for a rematch if you want. A rematch usually won't happen. But hey, who knows? Also, as(if) this site becomes more popular, I will try to make a way for you guys to post "Battle Requests." One last thing, try to be convincing in your arguments. Saying: "Well, I think *insert name here* should win cuz... he's got... guns. Big guns!" Probably won't sway me one way or the other. Well, anyhoo. Welcome and tell your friends about this site. Let's get started!

Edit: I forgot! One of my main things for this site is that I try to post matches that can't be found anywhere else. So the match ups here should be pretty unique.