Friday, September 24, 2010

Match up #1

My very first match up is between:

The Pitbull:!Pitbull.jpg

and the Rocket Warthog:

Which is the superior vehicle? Which one would win in a fight.

Now, I will admit to being somewhat of a Halo fanboy. But, honestly, if I had to pick a winner now, I'd choose the pitbull. Well, debate people.


  1. I'm going with the Pitbull on this one. It's better armored, has homing missiles, and is probably tougher than the warthog.

  2. The Warthog is definitively more maneuverable than the Pitbull, thus allowing it to have more of an advantage to flank the enemy, but one downside is that it can't outrun the homing missiles, but my vote gonna have to be for the Warthog.

  3. Another good point. Thanks for coming.

  4. You know, after posting on FactPile, you could've just requested the match itself and it might have come up eventually.

  5. Well, I'm not that patient. Besides, this is somethin fun that I wanted to do.

  6. I was originally going to let everybody else dabate and I was going to listen. But until I get more viewers I should be a debating voice here.

    I agree with anon #1 that the Pitbull has an advantage in it's homing missiles and armor. But Cool brings up a good point in maneuverability. But then, what good is that against homing missiles(or rockets)? Keep the debate going guys. I'll post the winner after some more comments.