Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Just wanted to wish Ya'll a Merry Christmas. Been playin' Halo Reach all morning. Man I love it! Suppose I should come up with a Christmas versus, huh? Jesus vs Santa Claus! No no. Just kidding. Well anyways, Merry Christmas to Ya'll. And to ya'll, a happy New Year!

Edit: It's snowing! Yay!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

V-35 Ox vs Carryall(Results)

The result of this match up really depends on personal opinion. Considering the question is which craft YOU would rather ride in.

So, I'll give MY opinion on the matter. Lets see, The V-35 Ox has speed as its main advantage. The Ox doesn't have much armor or as much maneuverability as the Carryall. The Carryall, as I said, has more armor plating than the Ox and more maneuverability due to its design. One also has to take into consideration not only the craft itself, but the Anti Aircraft that it would be up against. The Ox has to go up against SAM Mssiles. Which normally come en masse. The Carryall on the other hand has to go up against the GDI's AA gun. Which is an AA machine gun. Given all this, I would rather ride in a Carryall. Due to the fact that it has better armor, more maneuverability, and its advantages are effective against the AA fire it would go up against.

Until next time.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

V-35 Ox vs Carryall

V-35 Ox:


Which transport would you rather be dropped into a hot zone by?

Edit: I suppose I'd better elaborate a bit. Let's say you are a GDI Rifleman or Nod Militiaman. In that case, answer the above question. Thank you. :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Orc vs Nord(Results)

Well, I figure that I'd better come to a conclusion here.

Situation #1 winner: For this one I figure I'd go with the one with a higher hand-to-hand skill level. Which is the Orc. Though it would still be an awesome fight.

Situation #2 winner: This one is a helluva lot harder to determine. Well, lets see. Orcs are supposedly the finest heavy armor troops in all Cyrodill. I feel like such a nerd right now. That is a plus for the Orcs. However, since the battle is taking place in the mountains(snowy mountains if I didn't make that clear), that could be a problem for the Orcs. Even though they are just as suited to snow and mountain terrain as the Nords. Though, since the Orcs ARE suited to that terrain, they would probably be more effective than other heavy armored warriors. As far as weapons, the Orcs will be devastating. With their many powerful weapons. Warhammers and Battleaxes and Waraxes and so on. The Orcs, I assume, would be as good as any on horseback and with archers. Nothing special. Same goes for the Nords. Though, in my opinion, the Nords would be a little bit better as archers. As far as armored warriors, the Nords are more wild barbarians than warriors. But they still have professional warriors. Just not as much as the Orcs. The Nords are known to use primarily light armor. Usually Fur or Chainmail. Or leather. The Nords are like Vikings. Using axes, swords, etc. The Nords, aside from their size, are your usual barbarians. I would think that the Orcs would be a bit better as battle tacticians than the Nords as well. My final verdict is that I think the Orcish army would be the victor of this battle.

Situation #3 winner: One on one would be different than army vs army. Lets analyze the combatants, shall we.

Orc: +10 Endurance, +5 Strength, -5 Speed, -5 Agility, +10 Block, +10 Blunt, +10 Heavy Armor, Also they have the Berserk power.

Nord: +10 Strength, +10 Endurance, +10 Blade, +5 Block. By the way, I'm only listing the attribute/skills that apply to this fight.

Orcish armor: "Based on High Elven designs, Orcish armor is an ornate but remarkably light steel plate worn over cloth padding. Light and comfortable in contrast to other steel plate designs," "This is the highest class of heavy armor that shops will normally sell."-Obliviowiki, Orcish Armor.

Nord's Fur Armor: "Fur armor is made from the fur of animals. It provides the weakest protection against enemy attacks, but it's the least heavy of all the armors."-Obliviowiki, Fur Armor

As far as weapons, the Nord's Battleaxe does more damage, the Orc's warhammer has slightly more reach, and the Nord's axe is slightly faster I think.

All in all. I think that the Orc is slightly more likely to win this fight than the Nord. Like, on a 60/40 to 55/45. As you can see it is actually quite close.

That's all for now. Catcha later!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Orc vs Nord



I recently got Oblivion so I've been wanting to do an Oblivion themed versus for a while now. Now to have the two "big boys" of Oblivion fight it out.

Situation #1: One Orc vs one Nord in unarmed hand to hand combat. Brutal! This fight takes place in an Arena.

Situation #2: An army vs army scenario. The Orc army wearing orcish armor of course. And wielding primarily war hammers, axes, some swords, maces, etc. You know, orc weapons. And the Nord army wearing stuff like fur, leather, chain mail, etc. Whatever Nords like to wear into battle. And I think the Nords should be wielding primarily axes, swords(more than the orcs), hammers(not as much as the orcs), etc. Both sides have archers as well. They also have horsemen. Not many though. This battle takes place somewhere in the mountains. As I think that is wear both races are suited to.

Situation #3: Same as sit #1 except that the one orc has orcish armor and an iron warhammer. And the Nord has Fur armor and an iron battle axe.

I think that's it for now. I'll check bach in a couple days to see what you guys have come up with. Chow!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey all! Hope ya had a great thanksgiving day. I did. Lets see, now for some thanksgiving stuff.

Very Short Story: Well, my parents and some other relatives were going to someones house for thanksgiving and the hostess decided that she didn't feel like cooking a thanksgiving meal so she made spaghetti instead. Spaghetti for thanksgiving. Ugh!

Thanksgiving Day Versus: Umm... lets see. Pumpkin Pie vs Sweet potato Pie. It all comes down to opinion on this one. Mine is Sweet Potato Pie. What's yours?

Until next time ya'll. Happy Holidays!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Scorpion Tank vs.... Scorpion Tank?(Results)

Situation #1 winner:

Maneuverability: Draw. The three tread design while odd looking gives the C&C Scorpion great maneuverability for a tank. However, the C&C Tank has to be facing it's opponent due to the fact that it's cannon is fixed forward. Whereas the Halo Tank's gun can rotate 360 degrees.

Firepower: C&C Scorpion. The Halo Scorpion has a 90mm cannon while the C&C tank has a 150mm cannon.

Accuracy: Draw.

Armor: While both are reasonably armored, the C&C Tank has much more armor that the Halo Tank. However, the C&C's armor design, while greatly armoring the front of the tank, leaves the back almost completely exposed. But it's maneuverability makes up for it a little.

Speed: Draw.

Winner: This is a tough one to call but, I'd have to say that the... C&C Scorpion Tank takes this. Unless the Halo Scorpion comes up behind the C&C Tank inside the city, then it is a screwed tank. The C&C Tank's armor and maneuverability together give it the win here.

Situation #2 winner: Same. The upgrades for the C&C Scorpion make it all the easier for it to take the win. The only downfall being that the new laser cannon would slightly hinder it's maneuverability.

Until next time, Hasta La Vista Baby!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Scorpion Tank vs.... Scorpion Tank?

No, this is not an error.

Halo Scorpion Tank:

C&C Scorpion Tank:

I thought this would be a fun match.

Situation #1: Both tanks face off in Baghdad Iraq. This is the basic version of the C&C scorpion(without upgrades and stuff).

Situation #2: Same as sit #1 except this IS the fully upgraded version of the C&C scorpion.

Which Tank blows the crap out of the other?

More stuff

Okay, so... I've been feelin' like kind of a jerk here. Being the only voice that decides who wins or loses here. I was thinkin' about getting a couple other guys to help me judge. Like a team. What do you guys think? I have some people that I know personally that might be interested. Again, just an idea. Well now I'll get started on the next match up.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

BFG10k(Q2) vs BFG9000(Doom)(Results)

Ok. This one was pretty easy to judge. In fact, I think it's actually been proven before.

Winner: BFG10k

The BFG10k is the winner due to being equal or superior in every category to the BFG9000. DOOM may be the grand daddy of the BFG. But the BFG10k is it's heir, so to speak.

Next post to be tomorrow, hopefully.

Friday, November 5, 2010

BFG10k(Q2) vs BFG9000(Doom)

The BFG10k:

The BFG9000:

Which is the better freakin' gun? Power, accuracy, collateral damage, etc.
The battle of the BFGs! Which gun will reign supreme?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

HECU Marines vs The Combine(Results)

I've been gone for a bit due to a move from Al to GA and it took a while to get the Net up and running. But that's all behind me now. I hope. Anyhoo, back to business.

Situation #1 Winner: HECU Marines. The way I see it, Adrian Shephard is on par with Gordon Freeman. And The HECU Marines are even better than the rebs from half life 2. So if, so far, the actual characters from half life are the Victors against the Combine, then I see the Marines takin' the Victory here.

Situation #2 Winner: Same as Sit #1. Adding the Black Ops just makes it easier for the marines and Shephard.

If there is anything I missed or you just plain disagree, post a comment to let me know or send me an e-mail at

Until next time.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

HECU Marines vs The Combine

HECU Marines:


Situation #1: The Hazardous Environment Combat Unit has regrouped with Cpl. Adrian Shephard( as their leader. They have all the tech available to them from half life 1. Vehicles, weapons, armor, etc. They have rebelled against the Combine. Can they succeed? Also, this is before Freeman or anything that happened in Half Life 2. Aside from the Combine takeover.

Situation #2: Same as situation 1 except that the Black Ops( have allied themselves with the HECU Marines. The Black-Ops also have all their tech available to them.

Now for my personal opinion. I loooved the HECU Marines in Half Life. I think that they are some of the best and most entertaining enemies ever seen in a video game. That said, I've never been able to take Combine infantry very seriously. However, with all the tech available to both sides, this will be a close match. It's up to you guys to convince me of the winner.

Edit: Remember, this is a war scenario. Not a lone battle scenario. There is a difference.

Edit: Hey guys, I need some comments. I can't decide this thing on my own.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Scrin vs Strogg(Results)

Hey, sorry everybody. I was away for a week so that's why there hasn't been much goin' on. Well back to business.

Situation #1 Victor: Scrin. The Scrin units are just to big and to powerfull for the Strogg to take. Even if the Strogg retreat indoors, the Scrin just send in wave after wave of buzzers to make mincemeat of the Strogg.

Situation #2 Victor: Even worse for the Strogg. Except for their ability to call in orbital strikes, this war ends the same as situation one. Scrin take Sit #2.

Thank you guys for your patience. I'll post another match up soon. Hint: It involves Half Life.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Scrin vs Strogg


vs Strogg:

Which faction would win in a full scale war?

Situation #1: The Scrin invade Stroggos.

Situation #2: The Scrin have occupied Earth. There are no humans. The Strogg invade "Scrin Earth."

Scrin vs Strogg. Who will be the victor?

Edit: I understand that there is a lot of info to go through on both these alien races. So take your time and learn about each of these races and their capabilities.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gargantua vs Brumak(results)

Well, I have come to a conclusion on my own for now.

Situation #1 winner: Brumak. Due to sheer size and strength. The Garg is tough and strong. But the Brumak is more so.

Situation #2 winner: Gargantua by a close margin. Being able to use his flamethrowers once up close gave the Gargantua this victory.

Situation #3 winner: This one goes to the Brumak. The Garg has a weakness for explosives, which the Brumak has(rocket launcher). The Brumak's machine guns don't penetrate the Garg's bullet proof armor. And the Garg's weapon's are ineffective at a range.

Keep checking in. Next match up soon. Remember to comment.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Gargantua vs Brumak

This is a match that would be nothing short of epic and It's a match up that I've wanted to see for a while.



Situation #1: The Garg can't use his weapons and the Brumak has no weapons or armor. This is an up close and personal fight.

Situation #2: The Garg can now use his weapons. The Brumak has his armor but no weapons.

Situation #3: Gargantua has weapons and the Brumak now has weapons and armor.

All these fights take place in Jacinto:

May the best monster win!

Friday, October 1, 2010


Well, I don't think that I'm going to get a conclusion to The "Bourne vs Mr. Smith" debate. Soooo... I will post another match up tomorrow. However, if you guys want to make some quick arguments on the Bourne vs Smith debate before tomorrow, go right ahead. I'll check everything tomorrow. See ya'll.

Edit: Yay! More followers! Now we can actually have debates. :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Jason Bourne vs Mr. Smith

Jason Bourne:

Mr. Smith: I couldn't find a wiki site so I'll just post a photo and some fight scenes.

Situation: Both Bourne and Mr. Smith have been hired to kill the other. They are in Las Vegas. Who will be the last man standing?

P.S. This is the Jason Bourne from the movies.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

And the Winner is...

This has been a hard one to call. I've gone back and forth several times. But I have finally reached a conclusion.

Maneuverability: This one has got to go to the Warthog. However, the Pitbull is pretty maneuverable for its build and size. But still, Warthog has the advantage here.

Firepower: Both vehicle's missiles and rockets do about the same damage. The Warthog may do a little more but it's to close to give an advantage in this category.

Accuracy: This one is a no-brainer. While the Warthog's rockets detach fast and easy from it's gun, the Pitbull's missiles are heat seeking. So they will almost never miss.

Armor: Obviously, the Wartog's strength is in it's speed and maneuverability. Not it's armor. The Pitbull however, has a decent amount of armor for it's class. So the advantage goes to the Pitbull here.

Speed: The Warthog is definitely faster than the Pitbull. But again, the Pitbull isn't trailing behing the Warthog by far.

My final verdict is: The Warthog, while able to maneuver around the Pitbull, isn't able to land enough shots on the Pitbull. The Pitbull however is able to land multiple shots on the warthog. The Pitbull's armor protects it from the few shots that it doesn't dodge. While the Warthog really has no protection against the Pitbull's missiles.

Winner: Pitbull(but actually, this was a close match for me)

Agree? Disagree? Say so in the comments. I will post my next match up soon.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Match up #1

My very first match up is between:

The Pitbull:!Pitbull.jpg

and the Rocket Warthog:

Which is the superior vehicle? Which one would win in a fight.

Now, I will admit to being somewhat of a Halo fanboy. But, honestly, if I had to pick a winner now, I'd choose the pitbull. Well, debate people.

Rules of the Game

Welcome to Media Versus! Here I will post combatants from popular media(Video games, Movie, Comics, etc.) For you viewers to decide the victor. Here's how it works.
I will post an image(sometimes) and the wiki site of each combatant. In the comments, you guys will debate on who would come out the victor. I will listen to all comments unbiased and open-minded. After listening to enough debating I will post the winner. I will usually explain my choice. You can ask for a rematch if you want. A rematch usually won't happen. But hey, who knows? Also, as(if) this site becomes more popular, I will try to make a way for you guys to post "Battle Requests." One last thing, try to be convincing in your arguments. Saying: "Well, I think *insert name here* should win cuz... he's got... guns. Big guns!" Probably won't sway me one way or the other. Well, anyhoo. Welcome and tell your friends about this site. Let's get started!

Edit: I forgot! One of my main things for this site is that I try to post matches that can't be found anywhere else. So the match ups here should be pretty unique.