Friday, September 24, 2010

Rules of the Game

Welcome to Media Versus! Here I will post combatants from popular media(Video games, Movie, Comics, etc.) For you viewers to decide the victor. Here's how it works.
I will post an image(sometimes) and the wiki site of each combatant. In the comments, you guys will debate on who would come out the victor. I will listen to all comments unbiased and open-minded. After listening to enough debating I will post the winner. I will usually explain my choice. You can ask for a rematch if you want. A rematch usually won't happen. But hey, who knows? Also, as(if) this site becomes more popular, I will try to make a way for you guys to post "Battle Requests." One last thing, try to be convincing in your arguments. Saying: "Well, I think *insert name here* should win cuz... he's got... guns. Big guns!" Probably won't sway me one way or the other. Well, anyhoo. Welcome and tell your friends about this site. Let's get started!

Edit: I forgot! One of my main things for this site is that I try to post matches that can't be found anywhere else. So the match ups here should be pretty unique.

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