Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gargantua vs Brumak(results)

Well, I have come to a conclusion on my own for now.

Situation #1 winner: Brumak. Due to sheer size and strength. The Garg is tough and strong. But the Brumak is more so.

Situation #2 winner: Gargantua by a close margin. Being able to use his flamethrowers once up close gave the Gargantua this victory.

Situation #3 winner: This one goes to the Brumak. The Garg has a weakness for explosives, which the Brumak has(rocket launcher). The Brumak's machine guns don't penetrate the Garg's bullet proof armor. And the Garg's weapon's are ineffective at a range.

Keep checking in. Next match up soon. Remember to comment.


  1. Once someone starts it, I'll give my rebuttal.

  2. I see. Well then I hope someone will start it in the next match. It might end up being me. I hope someone else starts first though.