Thursday, December 23, 2010

V-35 Ox vs Carryall(Results)

The result of this match up really depends on personal opinion. Considering the question is which craft YOU would rather ride in.

So, I'll give MY opinion on the matter. Lets see, The V-35 Ox has speed as its main advantage. The Ox doesn't have much armor or as much maneuverability as the Carryall. The Carryall, as I said, has more armor plating than the Ox and more maneuverability due to its design. One also has to take into consideration not only the craft itself, but the Anti Aircraft that it would be up against. The Ox has to go up against SAM Mssiles. Which normally come en masse. The Carryall on the other hand has to go up against the GDI's AA gun. Which is an AA machine gun. Given all this, I would rather ride in a Carryall. Due to the fact that it has better armor, more maneuverability, and its advantages are effective against the AA fire it would go up against.

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