Sunday, November 7, 2010

Scorpion Tank vs.... Scorpion Tank?

No, this is not an error.

Halo Scorpion Tank:

C&C Scorpion Tank:

I thought this would be a fun match.

Situation #1: Both tanks face off in Baghdad Iraq. This is the basic version of the C&C scorpion(without upgrades and stuff).

Situation #2: Same as sit #1 except this IS the fully upgraded version of the C&C scorpion.

Which Tank blows the crap out of the other?

1 comment:

  1. I'd give both situations to the Nod Scorpion

    First off, the base Nod Scorpion has a much bigger gun than the UNSC one, with a 105 mm cannon compared to the UNSC 90 mm gun.

    The Nod Scorpion also seems to win out in the category of armor, as it can take a few shots from GDI Predator's 150 mm cannon, whilst the UNSC tank falls apart after two shots from another Scorpion's 90 mm. The one weakness the Nod tank has in this category is that its rear armor is nonexistent.

    Mobility I would consider to be a draw. The Nod Scorpion is very quick and maneuverable, but has a fixed frontal cannon. The UNSC tank has a turret that can spin a full 360 degrees.

    Range is unknown, so I will consider this to be equivalent

    Because of this, if faced one on one with both tanks presenting their frontal armor to each other, the Nod Scorpion would take the win. The only way the UNSC one could stand up to it is if it just so happened to get a rear shot at the Nod tank.

    In Situation 2, the Nod tank would win even easier, simply because of a bigger gun